There is more to be gained beyond the limited insight of yield or imagery data. Use of yield and/or remotely sensed data in combination with extensive broad acre environmental characterization leads to an improved understanding of plant performance.

To this end, mechanisms of plant development are isolated and custom attribution is created allowing research to be directed and to better understand product/ management decisions. Upon validation, this can be scaled with similar efficacy and optimal yield.

Ag Ingenuity Partners is a a spatial research provider that helps chemical, seed and equipment manufacturers to increase product adoption, product confidence and duration of product utility.


We have the expertise to find things you are not even looking for. We couple the most modern technologies with the oldest. We ground-truth your trials/fields. Are experience is extensive. We leverage our consulting efforts by being able to utilize fields of some of the top farmers across the Corn Belt. Thus we have an extensive knowledge of the fields we are utilizing. Our mind-set is on-farm scale testing.



By bringing greater insight into sophisticated agricultural products, Ag Ingenuity Partners enhances a technical lead’s understanding of a new product by determining its threshold of spatial efficacy. After validating that very mechanism of interest, we discover even further insight of sub-field areas, and scale where the probability of success is highest. Without compromising the compound, we discover the sub-field environmental influences upon these compounds as they relate to performance.


AIP increases a technical lead’s understanding of a new seed product by determining how it will express/reach its highest genetic potential. Much like small replicated trials, environmental attributes are determined but in a spatial setting ultimately leading to isolation of performance, by attribution, but under similar climate variables. Without compromising the genetic potential of the product, we discover premium applications, thus increasing its duration of utility.


AIP provides equipment manufacturers with the insight necessary to leverage today’s innovations and challenges within agriculture. We discover enhancements and identify opportunities for modifications and/or adjustments to current equipment, extending their effectiveness and increasing their value. This is accomplished by utilizing the science of agriculture to direct the effective use of your equipment.