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For Decades, growers strive for the right rate of nitrogen on their farm to maximize use efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer while also attempting to reduce the risk of environmental loss.  However, the complexity of nitrogen interactions with soil, climate, and crop has made this a challenging goal to achieve.  While industry efforts have long been focused on more accuracy in this investment, previous strategies often revolve around intensive field sampling that may not accurately depict nitrogen gain and loss across a field landscape.  Ag Ingenuity Partners combined our understanding of nitrogen interactions in the soil with spatial data analysis to generate a proprietary nitrogen loss layer across landscape that guides more accurate nitrogen applications across field environments.  Using this knowledge, our next endeavor was to more accurately define use patterns for available technology that protect against nitrogen loss.  Nitrapyrin, a nitrification inhibitor proven to protect against nitrogen loss in adverse environmental conditions, was our first target to test our hypothesis.  The study outlined in this document utilized our proprietary layers with an understanding of Nitrapyrin technology to deliver an exclusive variable rate Nitrapyrin recommendation.  





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