Methods - Agingenuity


Premeditated testing leads to superior results.



We dig into the underlying mechanisms that ultimately impact results to provide clarity on a product’s performance.




Yield is an outcome, which can be influenced each year by Mother Nature and our management decisions on that field.  We use a layered research approach to untangle environment and product performance, which allows us to deliver scalable management decisions to our customers.  Here's a better look at how we do it:

Test in the right environment

Understanding the environment is paramount to everything we do. Understanding the sub-field environment led us to create unique proprietary data layers to enable us to tailor the testing network to our customers’ needs.

Isolate the plant response:

Our deep understanding of the spatial variation, or the varying environments within a field, allows us to predict at-risk areas where plants may encounter challenges during the season.  We can isolate those spatial reference points in the field and place trials based upon the research hypotheses to isolate mechanisms and identify influence on the plant performance.   

Examining plant response within, as well as across the environmental parameters, moves you beyond looking at average performance as we would in a traditional field. These results allow us to truly describe the environment where a product will have the highest probability of success.

Results that scale with customers:

Our ability to describe environments that influence a specific product’s performance leads to our ability to create management layers that scale.

We provide our clients recommendations, specific to your customers’ fields, that maximize your product’s performance.



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